Aspects of composition in the reflex AOP kernel

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Aspects of composition in the reflex AOP kernel

Título: Aspects of composition in the reflex AOP kernel
Autor: Tanter, Éric Pierre
Resumen: Aspect composition is a challenging and multi-faceted issue, generally under-supported by current AOP languages and frameworks. This paper presents the composition support provided in Reflex, a versatile kernel for multi-language AOP in Java. The core of Reflex is based on a model of partial reflection whose central abstractions are links: bindings between a (point)cut and an action. Reflex supports the definition of aspect languages through the mapping of aspects to links.. We overview the wide range of features for link composition in Reflex-which includes extensible operators for ordering and nesting of links, and control over the visibility of changes made by structural aspects-, illustrating how they can be used to implement various scenarios of aspect composition.
Fecha: 2006
Cita del item: SOFTWARE COMPOSITION Book Series: LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Volume: 4089 Pages: 98-113 Published: 2006

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