Calidad del té consumido en Chile

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Calidad del té consumido en Chile

Título: Calidad del té consumido en Chile
Autor: Fuenzalida, Lucía; Alfaro Román, Raquel; Wittig Rovira, Emma
Resumen: The evaluation of the sensorial quality of tea was developed in order to complement the information obtained from physico-chemical analysis performed on different types of tea. The work was carried on with 12 samples, with and adaptation of a Type II incomplete balanced block design. Sample preparation was made in accordance to ISO/DIS 3103. 2 standard. The testing panel was formed by selection and training on the same product, thus choosing the judges that showed hability and substantiality in their judgement, with a significance level of 5% (p = 0.05). Information is obtained from the panel through a descriptive quality valoration test of 3 points amplitude for the flavor, color and aroma parameters. The lack of agreement between the degrees assigned by the chilean standard NCh 1244 cR 81 "Requisitos de té negro", and those in which the samples are classified in the sensorial evaluation, is discussed. A review of the presently Standard in force is proposed.
Fecha: 1982
Cita del item: Revista Chilena de Nutrición 10 (1): 71-86

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