Tiroiditis crónica de Hashimoto. Serie clínica

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Tiroiditis crónica de Hashimoto. Serie clínica

Título: Tiroiditis crónica de Hashimoto. Serie clínica
Autor: Piraino N., Patricia; Sepúlveda N., Andrea; Cavada, Gabriel
Resumen: Background: Chronic Hashimoto Thyroiditis (CHT) is the main cause of hypothyroidism. Aim: To report a series of patients with CHT. Material and Methods: Retrospective analysis of a series of 27 men aged 38 ± 14 years and 201 women aged 37 ± 16 years, evaluated in the private offices of two of the authors. Results: Fifty six percent of patients only had unspecific symptoms at the moment of consultation, 50% had a family history of thyroid diseases and only 21% of women had a previous history of goiter. Eighty one percent of patients had clinical or subclinical hypothyroidism, 62% had both antithyroglobulin and antithyroid peroxidase positive antibodies and 13% had both antibodies negative. Only 1.4% of patients had a normal thyroid ultrasound examination. Patients were treated with levothyroxine at a mean dosage of 75 μg/day and 53% achieved an adequate TSH level. Six of ten patients operated due to nodules had a papillary carcinoma. Conclusions: CHT should be sought in the general population, especially those with a family history of thyroid disease. Thyroid ultrasound is seldom normal in patients with CHT. Thyroid substitution should be monitored periodically to achieve adequate TSH levels.
URI: http://www.captura.uchile.cl/handle/2250/12511
Fecha: 2010-07
Cita del item: REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE Volume: 138 Issue: 7 Pages: 827-831 Published: JUL 2010

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